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Some parts of the Canadian landscape bear no resemblance to Scotland – the Nunavut Tundra, for example, or the Alberta Badlands. However, other areas of Canada are reminiscent of Scotland, a fact recognized by John Buchan, Scottish writer and Canada’s Governor General, when he said: “ For Canada, in one sense, is simply Scotland writ large. Since I came here a year ago I have never suffered for one moment from homesickness. I find pine forests and swift streams, and trout, and salmon, and mountains, which are Scotland on a grander scale; and I find in parts of the Prairies green rolling hills like my own borders.”  Today Buchan would also find evidence of rapid urbanisation in Canada though most of it is within one hundred miles of its border with the United States. Elsewhere, there is still a sense of space and the geographical resemblance to his homeland that Buchan noted still prevails.

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Stewart Park Bridge
5 Span Bridge Lanark County
Prairie wheat, Airdrie, Alberta (Photo: Kori Sych)
Bikers on Cemetery Hill, Canmore (Photo: Neil Ferguson)
Bikers on Cemetery Hill, Canmore (Photo: Neil Ferguson)
Banff harbour, Scotland (Photo: David Porter)
Moose, Jasper National Park, Alberta (Photo: Tom Skinner)
Moose, Jasper National Park, Alberta (Photo: Tom Skinner)
Bald Eagle, Coldstream, British Columbia (Photo: Tom Skinner)
Calgary skyline, Alberta (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Winter skyline, Vancouver (Photo: Warwick Meller)
Road to Infinity, Irvine, Alberta (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Lil'wat First Nation Fishing Grounds, Mount Currie, British Columbia
Bear with Apples, Mount Currie, British Columbia (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Bear Escapes (Photo: Pam Doyle)
Canmore Alberta Bull Elk ( photo: Pam Doyle)
Settler Home in Lanark Highlands Township Lanark County
The Clyde River, Lanark County, Ontario (Photo: Donald MacIntyre)
St. Joseph Church, Glencoe, Cape Breton
Sunset on the Cabot Trail
Calgary Bay, Mull (Photo: Scottish Viewpoint)
High peaks, Canmore, Alberta (Photo: Colin Ferguson)
Winter, Canada
Swinging by Bow Valley, Banff (Photo: Cody Erickson)
Sunset near Banff, Alberta
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia (Photo Greg Ehlers)
Inverness, Nova Scotia


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