The Lil’wat First Nation celebrate their culture (Photo: Stan Wallace)

For almost two centuries Canada was the country of choice for Scottish emigrants. The last great wave of Scottish emigration took place in the period following the Second World War. 147,000 Scots emigrated to Canada between 1946 and 1960.  Although Scots’ emigration to Canada has declined steeply in the last half century, the number of ‘Scots-Canadians’ identified in the Canadian census continues to rise and now stands at 4,719,850. This paradox is a result of the census being changed in 2001 to give the option of identifying up to a total of four ethnic origins. In the 2006 Canadian census the vast majority of ‘Scots-Canadians’ reported they had ‘Scottish’ as well as other ethnic backgrounds. ‘Scottishness’ is now officially recorded as being part of Canada’s multi-cultural fabric.

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Drums ready, Calgary Highland Games. (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Colin Ferguson
Artist Dave Mackintosh and his painting of the Hector. (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Wedding, Coldstream, British Columbia (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Coffee culture, Vancouver, British Columbia
Laurie Anderson, Superintendent, Vancouver School Board
Dancer, Highland Games, Calgary, Alberta (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
The Heavy Events, Calgary, Alberta (Photo: Alison Aberdeen)
Wizard of Oz, Airdrie, Alberta
The Lil’wat First Nation celebrate their culture (Photo: Stan Wallace)
The Lil’wat First Nation celebrate their culture (Photo: Stan Wallace)
The Wallaces and Lil'wat First Nation Pit House
Church, Mt. Currie, British Columbia
Three generations of the Wallace family, Mount Currie, British Columbia (Photo: Shawn Wallace)
Swim meet, Airdrie, Alberta (Photo: Kristy Reimer)
The ship Hector, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Lobster, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Mike and Marilyn
Old style Blacksmith, Pictou, Nova Scotia (Photo: Bruce Murray)
Niall Ferguson's Grizzly Paw Pub, Canmore, Alberta
Prairie Cowboys, Airdrie, Alberta (Photo: Kori Sych)
Traditional Quilting, Nova Scotia (Photo: Bruce Murray)
Scotty Dog Clipping, New Edinburgh, Ottawa (Photo: Graeme Murdoch)
Selkirk statue
Skipping, Rothesay, Scotland (photo Judy Parrot)
The Smokehouse, Rothesay, Scotland (Photo Judy Parrot)
Farmers Market, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (Photo: Nova Scotia Tourism & Recreation)
Young ambition
Training for the Winter Olympics, Canmore, Alberta (Photo: Sally Garen)
Canmore Highland Games in August
Jack Lee and SFU pipers practice at Glasgow Concert Hall. (Photo: Valentina Bonizzi)
Dancing, Royal International Nova Scotia Tattoo, Halifax (Photo: Nova Scotia Tattoo)


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