Tell the story about you and your community – in photography

This is Who We Are

That statement is important for everyone, and people in different parts of the world will respond to it differently. Being a Canadian, like being a Scot, is related to family, the place you live and your dreams.

The connection between Scotland and its diaspora has never been properly articulated. There are huge, and potentially far-sustaining opportunities to look out through culture and learning to our far-flung Scottish family and other interested groups.

There are approximately 1,000 places in Canada that derive their names from Scottish origins. There is a potential affinity between these communities that extends beyond name alone. We propose to launch a series of conversations – community to community, globally– via the bridge of digital photography. This will be achieved through an exchange of images which when combined will make a compelling statement of who we are, wherever we are.

Preview of some of the text and  images from the Scottish Parliament exhibition.

If you would like to find out more contact graeme@culturalconnectscotland.com or harry@culturalconnectscotland.com